Break out of your busy clinic and Connect with your Industry with Handi Publications.

We strive to bring readers the most up to date information in a highly readable, enjoyable and interactive format. Offering the most innovative method of communication, Handi Publications is a forward thinker and front runner in its field.

Online viewings of news stories, articles, features and debates is an easy, enjoyable and unique experience. Evidence shows that professionals get a different value of experience through Video communication, and therefore Handi Publications has formed the Connect brands for videos to be seen by the mass market: bringing an entirely new format of educational content to market, each Connect issue will be a MUST read to ALL involved in their chosen industries.

Establishing face to face rapport with our readers, the Connect brands’ have face value, and its own unique personality. Produced in a concise and highly readable format, Handi Publishing promotes thought provoking, action-orientated articles with emphasis on direct communication through Video.

As we know – a ‘picture says a thousand words’, so it’s interesting to think about the positive benefits that a promotional video/short film or commercial could do for your business. Stephen Handisides launched Handi Publications: “I was involved in producing various videos for the UK’s Aesthetic and Dental Companies, and found that such valuable content needed to be disseminated to the wider market and the concept of Handi Publications was born.”

Reasons to subscribe to Connect:

  • Keep up to date with News, products and discussions in your Industry
  • See your peers and suppliers face to face
  • Tired of zooming in and out, want something you can read from your phone or computer easily