Alliance Program

Handi Publishing prides itself in analysing the market and creating ideas to assist its development and growth. We have recognised a large gap in communication between professional and patient.

The solution? Our Alliance Program

The Alliance Program allows companies to produce literature detailing treatments available using their products, which can then be customised for each professional to send to their own patient. What a great way to let your customers reach their customers about you.

With your direction Handi Publishing will inform patients of treatments, products and services which can be rebranded for each of your customers for a tiny fee of just £50. This gives your customers effective literature overseen by your company ambitions, will grow both business sectors accordingly. Creating a strong alliance between brand professional and patient!

Your Own Digital Magazine

Love the style, look and interactive feel of CONNECT? Then why not have a smaller version created, especially for you. Send it out to YOUR existing customers and use it to ATTRACT new ones!

Keep customers connected with relevant content seen in a modern, sleek and convenient format. Exceptionally easy to read in the digital form, customers can keep up to date with your news, products/services, aims for ongoing business and testimonials from happy customers. An exciting method of communication usually kept and referred too, offers companies huge longevity in a professional exciting form of education and advertising. Add to your website too. Once this form is created, keep connected on a monthly, quarterly basis in a cost effective efficient exciting way.